Human Articulations


"Articulation 2016"

Half a human skeleton from Adam Rouilly & Co, Specialist in osteology & anatomy. 18 Fitzroy Square, London, W1. The house for human skeletons. 1922 ~ 1973.  Creatively articulated with branches for support. The skeleton is holding a gold embellished, articulated frog by Animaux Speciaux.


"Medical articulations 2019"

Old medical skulls and assorted vertebrae articulated with brass fittings. Easy to addept positioning for examination. 

"Exploded skull 2019"

Exploded skull also known as a  Beauchene Skull, is a disarticulated human skull that has been painstakingly reassembled on a stand with jointed, (sometimes) movable supports that allows for moving and studying of the skull as a whole or each piece individually.


"Medical carving 2017"

This medical carving is inspired by a plaster anatomical model by Böck Steger Lips, from our private collection.  The skull is engraved with muscles, veins, arteries and the brain. 


"Human Inner Ear 2018"