Absent in Body ~ Plague God

We are honered to have made 2 Skull sculptures for Absent in Body.  They are depicted as album art, graphic T-shirts aswell as atributes in Absent in Body's videoclips for their debut album "Plague God".
LP/ CD/ TAPE available @relapserecords

The Skull sculptures are made out of real human skulls and sheep horns. The attatchments are covered with modeling clay, crafted and painted. We try to keep them natural and organic as possible.

Absent in Body @absent_in_body
Featuring current and former members of:

Amenra @amenra_official
Colin H. Van Eeckhout, Vocals & Bass guitar @chveofficial
Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove, Guitar @mathieu_vandekerckhove

@neurosisoakland ~ Scott Kelly – Guitar & Vocals  @scottneurosis

@sepultura.original ~ Iggor Cavalera – Drums @iggor_cavalera

Pictures @stefaantemmerman

T-Shirts availble @ https://evilgreed.net/