Dolen Carag

Skull Carvings & Sculptures

Plague Doctor 2016 ~ The skull is based on how the plague doctors were dressed during the bubonic plague, specifically the mask they wore. The beak is sculpted with a light plaster.

Odin 2020 ~ Pagan Necromancer.  A human skull was deconstructed and reassembled, animal horns were used in this sculpture. It's a double depiction of Odin, The God of War. The snake eating itself is Ouroboros. You also have the Tree of Life and the seal Vegvisir, meaning: That which shows you the way. 

H.R. Giger's books Necronomicon II, biomechanics and of course Giger's Alien gave the idea for this skull. A spider crab and human vertebrae where used for the sculpture.

1975 ~ 2015 ♤ Motörhead was a British band founded in 1975 by our God Lemmy and played their last concert 40 years later.  This skull is a double representation of War pig, their graphic art for example the Ace of Spades cover.

These skulls were inspired by the armour (Ō-yoroi) worn by the Samurai warriors in Japan. They're complete human skulls, dissected and rearranged. 

Horse hair, sheep's horns and brass fittings where used to embellish the 2016 Samurai.

For the 2019 skulls we used deer horns, bamboo, Brazilian hair extensions (human) and custom display.



Skulls that are inspired by the tale 'The call of Cthulhu' by H.P. Lovecraft.

 All are embellished with sheep's horns.




Contemporary Tibetan Skull

Satanic Skull





Game of Thrones is a series with stunning effects, beautiful costumes, well crafted sets, non-stop plot twist and so much more we just love.

It was impossible to resist making a GOT-Skull
The skull depicts the houses:
Lannister, Stark, Martel, Tully, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Targaryen.
Also Lord of light and  front side of the skull, The Night King.


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